Hello World!

After a busy and eventful few months, it’s time to bring this Blog back to life! I had only managed to post two blog entries in just under a year which is shocking I know. 

Back then I set out to create EarthToNatalie and its purpose originally was to share with the World tales of my Travels with handy advice for fellow Wanderlusters. 
Over the last twelve months most of my time and energy has been spent not only on Life in general i.e. the usual stresses of my Job, living out of a Handbag etc. but I have also been battling Depression and Anxiety, planning our amazing Wedding and buying our wonderful first home. 

It’s truly been a testing time but I now feel a lot better in myself and that the mist is starting to clear now. I have been told by a fair few close friends and family that I should get back online and start sharing my experiences (not to mention take up a new career as a Wedding Planner as well!)

So here I am, blowing the dust off my little corner of the Internet, giving the blog a quick revamp and I will be expanding its topics beyond my love for Travel but to now include my new found love for Interior Design, thoughtful yet thrifty help and advice on all things Wedding and just posts on Life in general!

To all my fellow Instagrammers out there I have also created an account @earthtonatalieblog as well; feel free to follow me on there for the latest updates! 

Natalie x


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