Hello Hallway – Updated!

The first thing I usually think about when leaving work is the idea of walking into our lovely flat and getting straight in my PJs…Ok I’m lying, that’s the second thing… the first being I hope there’s not too much traffic around…Anyway!

During the first 6 and a half weeks of Home Ownership my Husband Adam and I have been completely redecorating our first home together with no room left untouched. Each room was exactly the same natural beige colour, so can you blame us?

We did get lucky and are fortunate to have a large living room with a small corridor which acts as a hallway. Although I didn’t take any before photos of this area (probably the only section of the flat that wasn’t photographed!) it was very plain due to the same colour used throughout.

To liven up the space, we decided to extend Crown’s ‘Blue Gravel’ matt emulsion (£13 from Homebase) from the living room into the hallway. This dusky bluey grey colour feels so calming and cosy it’s worked out to be quite fitting for welcoming guests and ourselves into our home!

To add some character (and some extra storage!) we came across the Hemnes Shoe Cabinet whilst wandering around Ikea in Reading. It is the perfect depth and height for this small space – it holds at least eight pairs of Shoes, and its handy shelf has become another opportunity to display yet more photos! (any excuse). 

It’s also available in Black-Brown but to tie in with the details of our living room White was the better option. Another plus was the £69 price tag (recently reduced from £80!). It didn’t take Hubby and I too long to put together either.

Is it me or do you always feel a great sense of achievement after assembling anything from Ikea?! 🙂

Next item on the Shopping list was a Ceiling Shade. Too tall and Hubby will headbutt it every time he walks through the door… Too dark in colour and the area will look dingy! Dunelm (conveniently located next door to Ikea in Reading may I add) came to the rescue with their Satin Ripple Pendant Shade in Silver! Again, we wanted to incorporate the finishing touches in the Living Room and at just £6.99 this shade was also easy on my purse.

Finally, I couldn’t resist this Key and Letter holder from The Range. Another little bargain at £7.99 which matches the Shoe Cabinet nicely.

The Range has become my favourite retailer for all things Wedding and Home – Kudos to my best friend Millie for introducing this place to me! 

The final finishing touch was this Octagonal Mirror, £39.99 from Argos. It sits nicely above the Cabinet and finishes off this area perfectly!

Here is the finished result! 


I hope this post has given you some ideas in styling your current/future Hallways. I’d love to hear from you about how you have designed your welcoming space (or plan to) or if you’d like more info on the products mentioned in this post!

Natalie x


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