2016 – What a year! I have lost count of how many celebrities passed away (most gutting of all was the death of our beloved George!) and how many innocent people we have lost due to conflict.

On a personal level, my Health and mental wellbeing had taken quite a beating from my previous job, a few toxic relationships and one’s inability to stop worrying about other people’s unacceptable behaviour and over-analysing every situation.

It could be said that 2016 seemed to bring more doom than delight, but in other areas of my Life it was quite simply the best year. Adam and I bought our first home, decorated it from top to bottom in just under three weeks and then got Married! All of which took months of careful planning and saving that definitely paid off – we are in love with our little Home and we truly had the most perfect Wedding Day!

#NewYearNewMe #NewYearSameMe 

I’m not a fan of New Years Resolutions, as I believe you shouldn’t need to wait until the beginning of a new year in order to make a change in your Life.

These were the Top 3 Goals that I started setting myself back in November and I’m pleased that I have already made some progress on them already so the aim now is to maintain and improve my progress in each of them!

Blog at least once a week!

After our Big Day and I settled back into Work, I really wanted to give my Blog a revamp and expand my presence online. I kept the original name but created a new Instagram account, which I could share my Blog posts on and do a spot of networking with other Bloggers. I realised that Wedding planning and Home buying had provided me with fresh inspiration for my future posts. This would expand on my original idea of writing about my love of Life on the Road!

With a new job that involves a daily commute to London, I have more opportunity now during my journeys in to brainstorm ideas and create drafts for future posts. I do struggle to focus on the direction and structure of my posts sometimes, probably because I am such a scatterbrain! I constantly have the urge to go into loads of detail when writing so I promise that I will try and keep my Waffle to a minimum when publishing my finished articles! If anyone has any tips for structuring, please leave me a comment below!


Restart Healthy Eating and Work outs!

Yes, I know that this one is going to be topping everyone else’s list but early last year I really lost my way with my eating habits. I was losing interest in eating well and just eating in general in all honesty. I am already back on track with how often I eat, I just need to focus on eating healthily again. Eating Fruit and Vegetables doesn’t feel like a chore; I just need to incorporate them both into my Diet more often!  

I do still have a Gym membership, but have not been since October! Pretty bad to admit but I am sure that I am not the only one guilty of this. Sounds stupid really as this is a great Anxiety buster! I am a big fan of Joe Wicks and I plan to do another post on how his Books have rekindled my relationship with Food. My target is to do at least two of his HIIT sessions per week at Home in the Flat and get back my confidence so that I can hit the Gym again.


Invest More in Self Care

I realised last year that Self Care is so important! Make more time in your day to do whatever makes you feel good, whether that means to read a few chapters of a Book, go for a nice walk, take a digital detox or try out a new Make up look!

As part of my two rounds of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) last year, an exercise I completed was creating a diary of all the things I enjoyed doing during those times and then setting up when in my week of when I was to do them!

As with all objectives, they must be SMART… i.e.




Realistic and

Time Based

The key factor here is to be specific in terms of What the activity is, Where you do this, When you do it and How much time you spend completing the activity. Goals 1 and 2 now need to be factored in to this!

So there are my three Goals. Have you set yourself any recently? Or did you set any last year that you have made progress on? I’d love to hear from you via my comments!

As the picture above rightly points out, Everything you need is already inside you. Use your struggles and frustrations to motivate you… Good luck!

Natalie x


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