24 Hours in Antwerp

Earlier this week I went on my first trip away as part of my new Team to the Belgian city of Antwerp! In my previous role I had visited several places around the UK where we have Stores and even got extremely lucky enough to travel to Sydney in 2014 for a Workshop with my Global counterparts.

This particular trip I had initially felt fairly nervous about considering it involved presenting to a group of Colleagues and talking to them for an hour and a half about a topic that I am still learning about. As always I had to plan and prep my content, even down to how much I felt I should talk about each topic; trying to find a happy medium between subjecting them to Death by Powerpoint and being a Lady of Little Words.

British Airways were reliable as always, and although I couldn’t fly direct from Heathrow I chose the first flight out to Brussels, and from there I hopped on a 30 minute Train to Antwerp Central Station.


The Radisson Blu Astrid was literally a couple of minutes walk from the station and was a lovely Hotel. I had a nice lunch with the Team before delivering my Presentation. I honestly needn’t have worried about being nervous. After all, I was aware of my audience and knew most of their backgrounds in the Business which influenced the content, level of detail and the flow of my conversation.

In the evening one of my Colleagues based in the City kindly gave us all a mini Walking tour before heading to Dinner. I was genuinely surprised at the Architecture Antwerp has to offer, and so much History and culture behind those lovely Buildings!


We ate at a quirkly hidden gem called La Bomma. Simple Belgian cuisine with some classics such as Steak, I went traditional for both Starter (Shrimp Croquettes) and Main (Vol au Vent Stew) which were both really tasty!


Antwerp, thank you for having me!

I had a great trip and I’d like to come back again, this time with Hubby in tow 🙂


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