Design Your Own Sideboard – Ikea Billy & Oxberg Hack

Storage – you can never have enough of it, can you?

*Pittsy – You Have A Problem!*

I admit that I am somewhat to blame, I simply have TOO MUCH STUFF! I must drive Adam crazy with the amount of clothes, shoes etc. I own.

For instance, we have two generously sized Wardrobes in our Bedroom and the poor sod only has half of one allocated to him because, yes that’s right, the other one and a half Wardrobes belong to me… (Oops!)

Did I mention that there’s also

  • a plastic container of Summer/Holiday clothes (who doesn’t have one of these?!)
  • another two containers full of Flip Flops, Uggs, Heels, Boots, Crocs (…just kidding)
  • a fully stocked Shoe Cupboard (as shown in my Hello Hallway post)

with my name on them?

Ikea to the Rescue!

Ah Ikea, they are everyone’s friend in their bargain hunting hour of need, right? Our place is basically an Ikea showhome (sorry not sorry) and in this post I wanted to show you how we made the idea a reality without hitting our Credit limit in the process!

Prior to moving in, we had visions of owning solid Oak furniture with absolutely no plans of how we would finance them! Below are some links to the styles of cabinet we had in mind, along with their current prices:


Far Left: £651.99 from Wayfair
Top Right: £515 from Oak Furniture UK
Bottom Right: £598.98 from Oak World

Fast-forward eight months and today we have finished our much cheaper version of a Oak sideboard/display cabinet in the Dining area 🙂

Adam spotted the Billy and Oxberg ranges in one of Ikea‘s catalogues and after checking them out in the flesh at the Reading store our vision was set – Why fork out five hundred quid on a unit when we can just compromise on the Veneer aspect and design our own for less than half the price?

Shopping List:

Total Cost: £150 – A lot easier on the Purse don’t you think?

…and here is the finished result!

Finished Unit


We hope you like our latest addition to our Flat and would love to hear from you if you need any help or advice with a similar project!



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