My Skincare Must Haves

With so many different Skincare products on the Market nowadays, finding staple products that you cannot live without is proving more and more challenging. How do you know that that particular face cream won’t bring you out in a rash? Regardless of the many magazines raving about it…

I must admit that I do rely a lot on recommendations from Friends, Bloggers and fellow Instagrammers; not just what a Magazine is being paid a fortune to promote. I’m also guilty of waiting until a trend has well and truly settled in before I take the plunge and splash out! 

Annnnnyway, I thought I would share my Skincare essentials that would highly recommend you trying (if you have not done so already!) 

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (£16 for a 100ml Starter Kit + 2 x Cloths)

    If it’s just the Cleanse and Polish you like, I highly recommend getting the starter kit as it’s excellent value for money. You get a 100ml bottle of Cleanse and Polish and two Cotton Muslin cloths! You can order online through Liz Earle’s Website but to be extra Savvy, I order through Boots’ Click and Collect service for free delivery and those valuable Advantage Card points! 

    The Cleanse and Polish is like a soft cream and I usually use 1-2 pumps depending on how much makeup I’m wearing. I use the cloths to scrub away the day and I can honestly say that my Skin feels so soft and smells like baby powder afterwards! 

    I’m a contact lens wearer and it’s so gentle on my eyes yet tough on removing stubborn makeup…. 

    ….which brings me onto my next must-have!

    Garnier Micellar Water

    (Currently £1 for 125ml ‘try me’ bottle in Tesco & Boots) Or (Currently £2.50 in Asda and £3 in Sainsbury’s for 400ml standard bottle)

      As I mentioned above, I’m a contact lens wearer and previously I used to use Nivea’s eye makeup remover which I found wasn’t exactly kind to my eyes! I also felt my eyelids felt sticky and very oily after use. Enter the beauty fad which is here to stay! Again, I tried Nivea’s version but after seeing this Beaut on offer I decided to try Garnier instead – it’s safe to say I’m sticking with this one! No stickiness and only a bit of Oil which is doesn’t really bother me.

      *Top Tip* Do yourself a favour and download the MySupermarket App! I don’t just use this for Food Shopping, I can also compare the prices of Boots and Superdrug and find out what’s on offer too! 

      Liz Earle Eyebright Lotion (£7.50 for 50ml) or (£15 for 150ml)

        Back in February I wanted to treat myself to some decent Skincare. Once again I had been recommended Liz Earle from numerous sources and one of my old friends used to swear by it, even if I felt it was overpriced at the time. I think I was basically sold when I popped into their Counter at John Lewis in Kingston and found out they offer Travel Sets for £24.75. These handy little boxes contain generously sized bottles of their most popular products. May I add that there are travel sets available for each Skin type?! How more useful could they be? 

        Anyway, my point here is aside from the Cleanse and Polish my favourite product in the box has to be the Eyebright

        *Top Tip* Keep the bottle in the fridge and thank me later… 

        Simply cut a Cotton Wool Pad in half and soak both halves in the solution. I usually place these on the under eye area and leave for 15 mins. You could do this whilst you’re having a soak in the Bath, waiting for your Conditioner to work its magic or when you first get into Bed before lights out! 

        I can honestly notice an improvement in those dark circles! 

        Simple Skincare Rapid Action Roll on

        (Currently £2.75 from Wilko or £3.00 from Sainsbury’s or £3.50 from Tesco)

          I’m really lucky in that I don’t tend to have many breakouts, and whenever I do it’s usually time-of-the-Month related or I’ve been really lazy on the Skincare front! 

          But when my face is graced with the presence of a Spot, this nifty product comes to my rescue each time. I usually do a steam treatment to my face first (I have a facial steamer but you can always run a sink of warm-hot water and lean over it for a while) to open my Pores before cleansing and then applying the roller to the affected areas and allow them to dry.

          Garnier Oil Beauty Body Lotion 

          (Currently £6.99 for 400ml from Asda or Superdrug)

          This lotion smells so luxurious and sinks in nicely. I mainly use it on my Legs after shaving (not immediately afterwards, that would obviously sting!) but leaves the whole body feeling soft and smelling great! I got my bottle from Tesco but couldn’t find that product on their section of the MySupermarket so they must no longer stock it.

          So there you have it, my list of ultimate Skincare essentials! 

          I’d love to hear your own recommendations and any products you most definitely don’t rate! 

          Nat x


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