Body Image: Skinny Shaming

These are just a few of the negative comments that I have received over the last 14 years – half my life basically! Not just from people I barely know or people I went to school with but Work Colleagues and even people I call Family.

I have teamed up with The Sun Newspaper to highlight the topic of Skinny shaming, which, contrary to some people’s small mindedness, is just as bad as Fat shaming! In their article, they interviewed me and three other ladies of a similar frame to get our perspective on the subject.

As a teen, I remember being called an Anorexic bitch by some numpty at school which bothered me so much at the time but actually upset me more later in life. By that time I was old enough to fully understand that it is a serious illness which doesn’t just affect someone physically but equally mentally!

And being someone with a history of mental health troubles, I know how deep those comments can hurt and manifest. Believe me, the Mind is way more powerful than you can ever imagine.

But it doesn’t always stop there, there’s also the ignorant amongst us who ‘are only joking’ when they make their comments don’t seem to think their observations are doing any harm.

…I’ve been called a “Skinny Bitch” by a family member when funnily enough, their dress size not that much higher than mine…

…And on a night out an ex-Colleague angrily told me to “Eat a Burger, for Fuck Sake”

Charming, eh?

Body Dismorphia is not something I’ve ever had but know of people who do have it and every day is a constant mental and physical battle, severe paranoia around your body image, convincing yourself that your shape is the opposite to what it truly is. What those guys need is your moral support, not some cheap nasty comments which will send them further down the wrong path.

For the record, I do eat takeaways (but literally once or twice a month) and love nothing more than a hefty Roast dinner on a Sunday or a Steak from Miller and Carter with all the trimmings! Believe me, I wouldn’t mind putting some weight on, if my body allowed me to!

And when I joined the Gym in 2014 to train for the Race for Life I felt myself insisting to people that I was going there to get fit for the run and simply feel better in general.

Them: “But you don’t need to lose weight?!” 

Me: “I’m not trying to…!?” *cue Eye Roll*

People join Gyms for various reasons, but so many assume that others only join to shed a few pounds, regardless of the size they currently are.

I still have a Gym Membership, and enjoy going to BodyBalance classes at least twice a week. It’s a mixture of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates with a meditation session at the end and I absolutely love it!

But I am not ashamed of the way I look whatsoever, and as fragile as my mind can be at times, it’s gonna take a lot more than the opinions of insignificant others to wear me down.

I haven’t grown upwards or outwards since I was in Year 8, and I’m actually fine with that! 

I’m still 5ft 3, weigh 48kg, wear size 3.5 Shoes and wear an A cup bra. Do I constantly go on about my size on my Social Media? No! Therefore why do others feel the need to?!

Here’s a small, yet effective piece of advice for you: Anyone who makes you feel less confident about your body in any way simply needs to be told where to go……that’s off to the land of Fucks just incase you’re wondering.

Feel free to check out my guest appearance in The Sun HERE and I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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