Saying YES to the Dress: Pt 1

It’s 2pm on October 2nd 2016. A day bursting with sunshine and excitement – our Wedding Day.

Charmaine and Alexia have spent their Sunday morning working their magic and making me feel so beautiful and now the final step of getting ready is here. I stepped into my Dress, and as Charmaine popped my Veil into my hair, I looked at myself in the mirror and I remember just how amazing I felt.

Like most Brides, finding THE dress is so much fun but for some it can also be a very stressful part of Wedding planning. At times, I can be self-conscious about my tiny frame so from day one I had it in my head that this was going to be no easy job…
Rewind to June 2014 – newly engaged – browsing at Dresses has begun. But when searching online, I completely overlooked any styles that were strapless. With not a lot going on up top for me I had visions of looking like a child bride or an ironing board covered in lace!

I had tried on dresses ‘just for fun’ at the National Wedding Show a couple of months later. My heart (a tad overexcited) thought I had found the one back then! We had already had our big day set to September 2016 but we had yet to start venue scouting. My Head told me that now was not the time to be serious about dresses at that stage.
Instead, we opted to start saving and determining a budget, parking the dress search until over a year later. Speaking of which, I never really wanted to spend thousands on something which I would only wear once. Like most Brides, cost was an important factor to me!

Fast-forward to January 2016. After exhausting many an Wedding Exhibition, Fair and Show it was time to knuckle down.
According to Facebook, Designer Sassi Holford was holding a sample sale in their Boutique in West London. I got in touch to book an appointment and dragged my Mum and Nan along for moral support.

As expected, there was nothing remotely near my size and after being clamped into everything I tried on, I just couldn’t imagine any of them beyond the extensive alterations that would have been needed…

…except for this one which I nicknamed ‘The One That Got Away’

Funnily enough this was a Dress and a Skirt! Both size 12, the Skirt alone was £700 (sale price!) and although it was stunning, I would have lost a lot of the flower detailing due to the alterations plus the search would then be on to find a Dress for the Skirt to go over.

Picturing even more hassle ahead with that option, me and my Purse walked away and continued my search…


2 thoughts on “Saying YES to the Dress: Pt 1

  1. I also tried on some dresses for a bit of fun at the national wedding show last weekend and ended up saying yes to a £150 dress even though my wedding isn’t until July 2020 haha! I just couldn’t leave it behind 😊

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