DIY Wedding Craft: Bridesmaid Boxes

Choosing your bridal party can be a difficult task, as can finding a creative way of asking them!

Its easy to find yourself talking Bridesmaids in the early stages of your Engagement. It’s a hot topic of conversation for every Bride to be and one that, if you’re not careful, could land you in hot water.

Loose Lips sinks Ships as the saying goes and that’s one rule that should be applied until a little later in the planning stage unless you fancy having a dozen Bridesmaids or starting off with 12 at least…

…I’ve read many a horror story in Wedding Mags and on Online forums where Brides have been a little too hasty in their decisions or had made what they thought was their final decision only to end up falling out with at least one of them with days to go until their big day!

Asking my Bridesmaids to be was a big deal for me and I wanted to make that moment special for the girls. So with a year to until our Wedding day, I organised a secret trip for us all to visit our Wedding Venue and ask them over Brunch.

I wanted to share these Bridesmaid Boxes that I made for them and show you how you can very easily create your own.

The Baskets were from Hobbycraft and are available in various sizes. Similar items may also be available on eBay or Amazon but at the time of looking I wasn’t able to find anything similar to the Hobbycraft ones.

I chose to fill each of the boxes with:

  • A copy of Bridesmaids on DVD – such a funny film and a lighthearted insight into what could have been in store for them!
  • Pictures of Bridesmaid dresses in our chosen colour theme
  • Pimms – which we had chosen as our Reception drink
  • Their Save the Date and Venue info Postcard
  • A miniature bottle of their favourite Spirit from Drinks Supermarket
  • A can of Mixer for their Spirit from Asda
  • A bottle of Nail Polish and mini faux Bouquet in our chosen colour theme

Here are some alternatives that you can fill your boxes with:

  • Another Wedding-themed Film
  • Sweets
  • A DIY Hangover Kit
  • Perfume
  • Jewellery
  • Compact Mirror
  • Mini Bottle of Prosecco
  • Manicure Kit
  • Champagne Glass
  • Shot Glass
  • Bridesmaid Sash

I designed and printed the box insert myself so I thought I would share a quick how-to below:

  • Measure the area of the inside lid that you wish the insert to go (I personally left a border of wicker around the outside)
  • Using these measurements, head onto Microsoft Word and create a Text box of this size, making the border extra thick so you can easily cut round it later
  • Create a further text box border around 2cm inwards from the outer box. This is where your message will go 🙂

To pad out each box I bought shredded tissue paper but you can always use sheets of tissue paper instead! In keeping with the travel theme I used Kraft luggage tags and the stamps which I later used to create the Place names for the Wedding Breakfast.

Here’s a close up on the insert and the tag!

I’d love to see your creative wedding crafts so please post them on Instagram using the Hashtag #EarthToNatalie

Natalie 🙂


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