My Top 10 Party Season Polishes!

Your Dress has arrived, picked out your shoes and matched them with your accessories. But what about your hands?

I’ve waded through my box of Nail Polish dreams to share with you my Top 10 shades that will complete your Outfit and ensure your Talons are Party-ready!

10) George by Asda – Glitter Bomb

I was very surprised to see this in my local Asda a couple of years ago! Blue, Purple, Silver and Green(?) Glitter may sound a little odd but after a few coats it looks great! Being a cheaper polish the consistency isn’t great but once you have applied a Top Coat all will be forgotten 🙂

9) OPI – Rose of Light

On first look this could be confused for its neighbour All Sparkly and Gold. But this is Rose Gold instead, and more opaque! This definitely needs at least two coats, but if, like me, you’ve been hooked by the Rose Gold-Errrthang trend – it’s worth the extra time applying it (and later removing it!)

8) Ciate – Celestial

This galactic pot of glitz is made up of several different styles of glitter. Whilst at least two coats are needed for all-over coverage this is a great option for creating a glitter fade over a pastel base coat.

7) Barry M – Molten Metal in Holographic Lights

This also has a matte finish and glides on beautifully meaning two coats is optional – perfect if you’re in a rush!

6) Barry M – Instant Nail Effects in Gold Foil

This one has a similar effect to Chrome, has a nice consistency and dries Matte! Best of all, it’s a one-coat Wonder!

5) Nails Inc – St James’

Nails Inc Polishes are always a great choice as they’re such great quality – plus more or less all of their Polishes are named after places in London!

This is a slightly bolder, summery version of Barry M’s Red Wine but again can definitely be worn all year round.

4) Barry M – Gold Mine Glitter

When you think about Black polish it’s not normally a colour most would go for. But when coupled with a generous helping of gold glitter this is another one-Coat wonder!

3) Barry M – Red Wine

This classic shade is my all time favourite colour and is perfectly fine to wear all year round! Every nail polish collection should include this!

2) OPI – All Sparkly and Gold

If a glitzy Gold is more your thing, treat yourself to this Sparkly beauty. It dries Matte but its highly pigmented so you’ll be relieved to know that a party-ready finish is achievable in just two coats!

1) Barry M – Gelly Hi Shine

Probably the ultimate red glitter – Glossy and gorgeous! I think it’s the closest (normal polish) match to the Ruby Ritz Shellac colour by CND that I’ve ever found. I love this as you can achieve the finished result in just one coat!

Merry Christmas!



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