Sleep? There’s a hack for that…

Ah the Land of Nod – the place you dream of all day but over 50% of us Brits struggle to visit.

Being a commuter during the week has forced me into an early bird, meaning that my bedtime is even earlier than it used to be. But sometimes getting my head down at 9:30 can be so difficult, especially if everyone around you is still awake and enjoying their evenings.

Artist Vincent Van Gogh was apparently an insomniac and used to douse his mattress and pillow in the chemical Camphor, which historians believe may have caused the brain damage that contributed to his suicide. A case of desperate measures perhaps?

But before you reach for the embalming fluid, I have shared a few additions to my bedtime routine to help me get the 8+ hours I need in order to Adult…

Sleepy Body Lotion

Lush have always had the solution if you ever fancied treating yourself. Their products are made from natural ingredients with recognisable packaging plus their Stores all have the same iconic scent that can be picked up from what feels like miles away!

Before Christmas there was a wave of excitement as Lush announced that their Sleepy Body Lotion and Twilight Bath Bombs were making a comeback. I opted for the Body Lotion and it’s the perfect post-bath/shower treat. Some reviewers online have noted that the smell can be a little overpowering but I personally find that it depends on how much you’re applying.

Rather than slathering it on and smelling like a Lavender hedge, take it down a notch and your senses will thank you for it. My skin still feels smooth the very next day and it also has a slight shimmer to it!

Himalayan Salt Lamps

I had heard a lot of good things before I got my hands on one and it’s fair to say they really have their benefits. They promote purer air and generate negative ions which have been known to help neutralise positive ions coming from electric devices such as your TV, computers etc. This in turn helps improve your sleep but also doubles up as a warming night light which glows a soft peachy orange colour.

This was given to me as a gift from a Friend but after doing some research you can get your hands on one for under £20 from Amazon.

Clipper Sleep Easy Herbal Tea

Everyone’s tolerance to Caffeine can vary and for me personally I tend to avoid it after dinnertime if I want any chance of falling asleep at a reasonable hour.

No one deserves to deal with a Zombiefied Natalie in the morning.

Instead of having normal Tea and Coffee in the evenings I have swapped them for Clipper’s Sleep Easy Tea which contains Chamomile which is uber calming.

Tip – I always have an alert on the MySupermarket app for when it’s on offer so I know when to stock up!

Digital Detoxing

One thing I need to do more often as part of my bedtime routine is cut down the amount of screen time. Even taking a break from my Phone for the last 30 minutes of my day helps me get off to sleep so much quicker than if I had been staring at my screen until the point of Lights Out!


For when you simply can’t sleep – which in my case is usually at 6:30 on a Saturday or Sunday morning (Thank you Body Clock) – try turning to Spotify.

They have a whole Genre called Sleep containing at least 30 different playlists designed to help you drift off. My favourite playlist is ‘Songs for Sleeping’ and it really does help my mind settle back into chill mode, allowing me to have a more reasonable wake up time of at least 8:30! Me and 322,000 of its other followers can’t be wrong surely?!

I hope this little list helps you get your 40 winks and a quicker trip to the Land of Nod. I’d love to hear about what tips you have!




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