Sleep? There’s a hack for that…

Ah the Land of Nod - the place you dream of all day but over 50% of us Brits struggle to visit. Being a commuter during the week has forced me into an early bird, meaning that my bedtime is even earlier than it used to be. But sometimes getting my head down at 9:30 … Continue reading Sleep? There’s a hack for that…


Body Image: Skinny Shaming

These are just a few of the negative comments that I have received over the last 14 years - half my life basically! Not just from people I barely know or people I went to school with but Work Colleagues and even people I call Family. I have teamed up with The Sun Newspaper to highlight … Continue reading Body Image: Skinny Shaming

The Road Less Travelled…or is it?

Depression dɪˈprɛʃ(ə)n/ noun Feelings of severe despondency and dejection. "Self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression" Anxiety aŋˈzʌɪəti/ noun A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. "She felt a surge of anxiety" When I first told my Fiancé that I thought I had anxiety and depression nine months ago, I … Continue reading The Road Less Travelled…or is it?