1) The world according to me, Natalie. Sharing my views by writing posts that are more thoughtful Value-add than Dear Diary.

2) A phrase used in conversation to startle a person who appears to have zoned out or seem to be lost in their own World… “Hello? Earth to Natalie? Is anyone in there?”
(True story, my Brain and I always seem to be working overtime resulting in said constant daydream)

After setting up my blog and Instagram for EarthToNatalie back in Oct 2016, more recently I felt that I have been writing about so many topics! Spreading myself thin wasn’t a good look so it was time for me to narrow them down and give my little corner of the internet a more specific focus.
Read on (and subscribe!) if you enjoy:
  • having Nails on point
  • breaking the stigma around Mental Health
  • Cake (Baking it, Eating it, Talking about it)
  • Travelling the World
  • Wedding Planning
Still reading? Then to me that’s a good sign……Welcome!